The Classic Bead

Studio Happenings

Given that my craft is a rather messy one, when I have my hands in the clay I'm working from my basement which houses my clay station, sculpted molds,  and my kiln.  The first photo shows greenware drying....waiting to be cleaned and bisque fired.  Once these pieces are bisque fired I can be found in my second floor studio where glazing and jewelry designing happen and where the tops of the trees and birds on the wire are the view.  Then meet Thompson the Classic Bead studio cat who spends time in all these locations, but here in this photo he is helping me ship product from the office.  His help can be somewhat of a hinderance at times when he walks across clay slabs, attempts to drink my brush water, or carries off my tools, but he's wonderful company most of the time.

I am blessed to have four generations of the girls in my family depicted here.   I am a daughter, the mother of two girls, grandmother to one, God mother to one, and God grandmother to three more!  As my daughter says, we are a family not defined by color or blood and for that we are proud.  I am Missouri born and raised and can thank my mother for the sewing skills she taught me as one craft just gently lead to another until my hands landed in the clay and stayed there.  I can thank my father for the ability to work so well with my hands, fix things, and not be afraid to get dirty.

For years I sewed, made reproduction porcelain dolls, and at the request of my friend Sara who owned a bead store I began creating pendants and so The Classic Bead was born.  In 2008 I opened my Etsy store and my business grew.  I have expanded to supply bead shops, shipping trunk shows, and opened a second Etsy shop for buttons and other supplies.  So in a way....a hobby turned into a small cottage business where I can work from home where I am content and make special little lovelies to share with my customers.